Dr. Eiji Shimizu

Dr. Eiji Shimizu
Professor and Chair, Department of Cognitive Behavioral Physiology; Director, Research Center for Child Mental Development Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.


Eiji Shimizu, MD, PhD is Director of Research Center for Child Mental Development and Professor of Department of Cognitive Behavioral Physiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University, Japan. As a psychiatrist and a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist, Dr. Shimizu specializes mainly in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and depression. He daily routine includes clinical work with patients, teaching for medical doctors, clinical psychologists and mental health professionals, research and administrative functions. He authored over 100 publications internationally in journals. His basic research includes studies on cognitive behavioral therapy, brain science, and animal models of anxiety disorders. He has written several Japanese books on psychiatric topics for the general public, including All about cognitive behavioral therapy, which became bestsellers in Japan. He is a board member of the Japanese Society for Anxiety Disorders, the Japanese Society of Cognitive Therapy, and the Japanese Society of Brain Science.

Research Interest

Alterations of Brain functions by cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and depression.




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