Dr. Deepmala Joshi

Dr. Deepmala Joshi
Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, India.

Research Interest

Oxidative stress, DNA damage (Genetic Toxicology), Biological Monitoring. ? Toxicity of Chemicals and development of antidotes ? Chronic Metal (Mercury, Lead, Aluminium) Poisoning and Chelation Therapy ? Organ toxicity and Biomarkers ? Free Radical Toxicity, apoptosis and ROS ? Toxicology of Dimethylmercury, Inorganic Mercury (MeHg, HgCl2) ? Drug Development (Chelation Therapy) in Metal Toxicity ? Metal induced Oxidative Stress and the Role of Antioxidants ? Role of Nutritional Components in Metal Toxicity and Chelation ? Role of Adjuvants (nutritional constituents) in Metal chelation ? Role of Natural Plant Products and active principles during metal exposure ? Biological Monitoring for Human Metal Exposure (in workers of BHEL, Jhansi, U.P.) ? Role of Different Unani Medicines against hepatotoxicants (CCl4, APAP, Alcohol) ? Role of Plant extract as Polygonum bistorta and its active principle tannic acid against heaptotoxicity


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