Dr. Brett Aimers

Dr. Brett Aimers Dr. Brett Aimers
Associate Professor at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.


Brett is an Adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University where he provides expert advice and Masters level education on emergency management leadership and systems and disaster health. Brett is the immediate past Chief Professional Officer and Chief Nursing Officer for St John Ambulance Australia which has a collective membership and workforce of more than 14,000 people nationally. Whilst in this significant national leadership role for three years, he was responsible for patient safety, clinical governance and the provision of influential and expert advice in relation to emergency management and training and development. He is a Registered Nurse with post-graduate qualifications in critical care, clinical education and management. Since becoming a nurse in 1999, Brett has worked in a variety of environments including respiratory care, adult and paediatric intensive care, clinical education, workforce development and management.

Research Interest

Healthcare leadership, Disaster health (emergency management), Multi-disciplinary innovation and collaboration, Nursing practice, Patient interaction.


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