Dr. Alexandra Tubiana Potiez

Dr. Alexandra Tubiana Potiez Dr. Alexandra Tubiana Potiez
Senior Psychologist at Centre Psychotherapique de Nancy, France.


In 2008, after working several years in the field of translation, I graduated from the University of Paris VII Denis Diderot with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and specialized in health psychopathology. Hired in 2009 at the Nancy University Medical Center psychiatric ward, I have worked in hospitalization units (commitment and voluntary) doing counseling and clinical assessments. I also took part to various research projects. More specifically, I coordinated the EU funded SEYLE study (Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe, www.seyle.eu) and WE-STAY study (Working in Europe to Stop Truancy among Youth) in France along with the Site Leader, Pr Jean-Pierre KAHN. I also worked on Pr Philippe COURTET study on Molecular genetics of Suicide. Following a transfer of NUMCs psychiatric ward, I carry on my missions in Nancys Psychotherapeutic Center, where I was asked to join the Board of the Mental Health Prevention and Promotion Department.

Research Interest

Includes suicidology, Mental Health Promotion and Prevention, suicide and depression patient education.




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