Chengxiang Wu

Chengxiang Wu
Division of Regenerative Medicine Tulane National Primate Research Center 18703 Three River Road, Covington, LA 70433, USA.


Dr. Chengxiang Wu specializes in molecular virology and gene therapy, especially in construction and application of viral vectors, and in development of preventive and therapeutic gene therapy and adoptive T cell transfer therapy strategies for acquired and inherited diseases, with a focus on HIV infection and AIDS. His current research include development of a non-invasive method of drug delivery into the central nervous system through viral vector-mediated genetically modified monocyte/macrophage cells as delivery vehicles, and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS through adoptive transfer of T cells that are genetically engineered to express special receptors on their surface called chimeric antigen receptors (CARs).

Research Interest

Molecular virology and virus-host interactions,Preventive and therapeutic strategies for inherited and acquired diseases,Viral vectors with improved gene transfer efficiency, specificity, and biosafety,Enhanced detection, characterization and monitoring of outbreaks of infectious diseases through molecular biological, virological, and microbial technologies,Preventive and therapeutic strategies for behavioral and environmental threats to public health,Bioremediation of environmental pollution through select natural or genetic modified microbes and plants.