Burcak EBIN

Burcak EBIN
Researcher Chalmers University of Technology Energy and Materials Division Industrial Material Recycling Research Group, Gothenburg, Sweden. Co-Founder/Advisory Board,Nanokomp Advanced Materials Co. Ltd.Istanbul, Turkey.


Burçak Ebin studied Metallurgical and Material Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey (2006), where he got Ph.D. with thesis about production of nanostructured cathode materials for Li-ion batteries, in 2014. As an entrepreneur, he is one of the cofounder of Nanokomp Advanced Materials Co. Ltd. in Istanbul, Turkey, 2013. He has been working as a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, Nuclear Chemistry and Industrial Materials Recycling Group in Gothenburg, Sweden since 2014.

Research Interest

His research fields are inorganic chemistry, recycling, pyrolysis and high temperature reactions, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, electrochemistry and battery technologies.