Bianca Lauria-Horner

Bianca Lauria-Horner
Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University and the Primary Mental Healthcare, Canada


Dr. Bianca Lauria-Horner is an associate professor at the Department of Psychiatry Dalhousie University and the Primary Mental Healthcare Education Leader. She directed and co-directed several National and International mental health projects specifically for primary care physicians. She co-authored a national web-based training for law enforcement first responders for dealing with, and responding to Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDPs). Published a series of educational books for school children (primary to grade 9) on mental health; Healthy Mind Healthy Body; currently part of the Nova Scotia Department of Education Healthy Living program. Concurrent to the role at Dalhousie, appointed as the Officer in Charge of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit for the Atlantic Region Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2004-2015.

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