Antonella Calogero

Antonella Calogero
Associate Professor, Pathology, University of Rome Sapienza, Department of Medical Surgical Sciences and Biotechnology, Italy


Professional experience: Pathologist, Cytopathology Unit, USL RM2 Rome (1992-3); Chief, Clinical Pathology Section, Department of Molecular Pathology, Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico NEUROMED (1993-2000); Associate Professor in General Pathology and Pathophysiology, University of Rome La Sapienza, Faculty of Medicine (2001); Chief, Diagnostic Unit of Molecular Pathology, ASL Latina (2005).Chief of Molecular Oncology Laboratory University of Rome La Sapienza, Faculty of Medicine Latina Polo Pontino

Research Interest

Research: investigate the mechanisms involved in neoplastic growth and differentiation. Viral oncogenesis models in vitro. Identification of the presence in the CNS and lymphoid tissue of the EBV and HHV-6, and the possible role of viral proteins an oncogene (LMP1). Study of Egr-1 and its role in the control of cell proliferation and apoptosis in lymphoid cells and in cells of the CNS.

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