Anas Salem

Anas Salem Anas Salem
Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt


I spent over 34 years in the scientific research service. I was appointed demonstrator in the department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University in 1984, Teaching and Research assistant in 1989, Assistant Professor of Animal Physiology in 1997 and Associate Professor of Animal Physiology in 2005 in the same address mentioned above. During these years I travelled to Kroatia (Yugoslavia), Munich (Germany), Cornell University (USA), Portland (USA) and Brisbane (Australia) for training, scientific cooperation and participating in the international conferences. Besides, I taught courses in fields of animal physiology, reproductive physiology, artificial insemination and animal production for under and post-graduate students. Further, I was main advisor on 5 M. Sc. Theses and two Ph. D. dissertations. Furthermore, I published over 20 papers in the national and international journals. Moreover, I translated one book and authored other one in field of reproduction and artificial insemination in the agricultural animals.