Akhilesh Kumar

Akhilesh Kumar Akhilesh Kumar
Assistant Researcher Wisconsin National Primate Research Center Madison USA


Akhilesh Kumar received his PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Mysore, India, for his thesis entitled ?Molecular studies on the Regulation of Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and Tumor angiogenesis?. During his PhD, he was awarded the DAAD scholarship to pursue research at Universitat Klinikum, Freiburg, Germany where he developed specific interest in regenerative biology and stem cell research. Dr Kumar then joined Igor Slukvin?s lab at the Wisconsin National Primate Research center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he developed various vasculogenic and multipotent cells from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC), which could provide all essential components of the vasculature and may be a scalable source of the entire spectrum of cells required for therapeutic vascular tissue engineering. Dr Kumar has also worked extensively on the angiogenic potential of hPSC derived endothelial progenitor cells in vito and in vivo. He has gained good expertise in hematopoietic differentiation of human and NHP PSCs in both feeder and feeder free chemically defined systems. Currently he is working on generation of hPSC derived T cells to provide invaluable sources for immune cell therapies.

Research Interest

Immune Cell Therapies, Stem Cells


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