Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed

Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed
Lecturer of bioinorganic and physical Chemistry at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag University, Sohag, Egypt.


Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief publishes more than 40 articles in an international journals , 3 books and participate in 32 workshops and international conferences. Moreover, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief works as a reviewer in 30 international journals

Research Interest

Interested in knowledge of methods of coordination chemistry and methodology including preparation of complexes and their characterization by molecular electronic spectra, IR, NMR, CHN, conductance, thermal analysis and spectrophotometer determination of the stoichiometry. Design and study of multifunctional systems containing Schiff base ligands and 4f metals towards the development of nano devices. Preparation and characterization of surface modified magnetite nanoparticles with controlled size. Functionalization of the prepared nanoparticles and using them in catalytic reactions.