â??To be or not to beâ?? development of a theatre placement app for undergraduate nursing students

Students have indicated that they find the decision of where to go for elective placement difficult as they do not have enough information on what placements are available or even what type of nursing/ learning environment they would be working in. One area that students find especially difficult to identify learning opportunities is the perioperative environment. Apart from the lack of knowledge regarding learning opportunities, the uniform worn by staff and the highly technical equipment can be daunting and can often perturb a student from pursuing this placement experience further. In response to this problem we created a software application that showcased what this sometimes alien environment looks like and the equipment and staff that work there could potentially allay student fears and anxiety. The creation of an app could potentially promote the theatre environment as a learning opportunity for students to explore and learn in as well as allay the fears and anxieties felt by student’s prior to placement commencing. Clinical Practice colleagues were also keen to explore the promotion of this area to our nursing student population with the aim of promoting post registration job applications to this area. This presentation will discuss the project development of a theatre placement app following a logic model approach

Author(s): Karen McCutcheon

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