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The need for disease


Behave yourself or I will give you my cancer. How crazy and funny this sentence would sound if it was spoken even once in everyday life. We want to live a healthy life. What exactly is health? You might say being free from illness, injury or pain. Was the person healthy, who never smoked nor drank, had healthy eating habits and took care of his health in all possible ways, but died at age 40 of a heart attack? The word health comes from the old English word "Hal," meaning wholeness or total and not divided. We cannot love ourselves in parts. It is ridiculous to say that I love my right arm more than my left, or my right leg is better than my left eye. I was born with my all body parts, organs, cells and also my thoughts, sentiments and emotions. Everything that happens within me can be considered as my "Self or Being." If I lack something in me, then I have a deficit; this opens up an opportunity for something else to take its place. Life cannot be planned rationally in the terms of a disease. For instance, no one consciously sets out to acquire diabetes at age 15, multiple sclerosis at age 25, cancer at age 30, and then death at age 32, yet we know of loved ones or friends whom have been affected by these illnesses resulting in death at an early age. Who is responsible? Recognizing that we create our disease and knowing the origin is on a deeper level can give us hope that there is a way to restore our health and wellbeing if we choose to accept this. Whether it is cancer, diabetes, dealing with anxiety or any physical or mental disorder, the person creates it, by himself, on an unconscious level. The presence of disease in somebody's life is always considered bad, no matter what. Today I would like to share something out of the box. I have been really exhausted listening to the different conditional health definitions. Disease is unkind and I completely support this idea; in other words, when you are sick, it is important to go to the doctor for medical treatment because it may be necessary. As the symptoms are being relieved, I recommend taking this opportunity to recognize the work has just started, and begin to be curious on a deeper level about the process of a disease.



Author(s): Atul Kumar Mehra

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