Silicon Application for Maintaining of Mango Quality after Harvest

Mango cv. Nam Dok Mai Sri Tong is a fruit that is popular for consumption all over the world. Mango is a horticultural fruit with a lot of water, a soft texture, and easily damaged. This causes losses during harvesting, transportation, and disease infestation. In this experiment, silicon that plays a role in cell strengthening and disease reduction was applied to maintain mango quality. The mango was harvested from the silicon foliar spray experiment at 0.5 and 1% fruiting period 30, 45, and 60 days after flowering and stored at 13 °C for 28 days. After 28 days of storage, the lowest weight loss about 7.54% was observed in Silicon 1% while control and 0.5% silicon had 8.76 and 8.95% weight loss, respectively. The highest peel firmness was tends observed in Silicon 0.5%. No differences in total soluble solid (TSS) were observed among all treatments about 15.6-16.2%. The highest titratable acidity (TA) about 0.31% was observed in Silicon 1% while total soluble solid (TSS) among all treatments about 0.26-0.27%. No differences in Vitamin C were observed among all treatments about 12.51-14.97 mg ascorbic/100 ml. The lowest postharvest disease was tends observed in Silicon 0.5% about 2.17 score or Mangoes have less than 30% incidence of postharvest disease.

Author(s): Panumas Kotepong

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