Manuscript Submission:

Submit Manuscript Online at or as an email attachment to the Editorial office at

Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research publishes original research articles, review papers, Commentaries, communications and book reviews.

a) Research Articles
b) Rapid Communications: Short reports on new and exciting results of high urgency. Sending us a report of significant interest, authors are asked to provide an explanation in their cover letter describing in detail why their contribution should be handled via rapid channel
c) Reviews: Topical mini (reviews) as well as full critical reviews on important subjects; reflecting new trends in Plant Science are also included in book reviews

Peer Review Process:

All manuscripts receive individual identification codes. The Managing Editor then sends it to an appropriate Editor. However a submission may be declined by the Managing Editor without review, if deemed inappropriate for reasons other than scientific merit.
a) Choice of reviewers: The Editors of Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research, seek advice from experts in the applicable field. Research articles and communications are reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers, review papers by at least three.
b) Suggestions from authors: Authors are requested to suggest persons competent to review their manuscript. However please note that this will be treated only as a suggestion and the final selection of reviewers is exclusively the Editor’s decision.

The Editors are fully responsible for decisions towards the manuscripts. The final decision whether to accept or to reject a paper rests with them. The Managing Editor only communicates the final decision and informs the authors about further processing.

Revised manuscript submission:

When revision of a manuscript is requested, authors should return the revised version of their manuscript as soon as possible. Prompt action may ensure fast publication if a paper is finally accepted for publication in Asian Journal of Plant Science & Research. If it is the first revision of an article authors need to return their revised manuscript within 7 days. If it is the second revision authors need to return their revised manuscript within 2 days. If these deadlines are not met and no specific arrangements for completion have been made, the manuscript will be treated as a new one and will receive a new identification code along with a new registration date.

Online First service:

Manuscripts accepted for publication are published on-line in so called Online First service as soon as they are ready for publication. Once a manuscript appears on the Web site it is considered as published.

Transfer of Copyright Agreement:  

A properly completed transfer of Copyright Agreement must be provided for each accepted manuscript. A form is available at Copy right form

Transfer of Copyrights Agreement should be signed, scanned and sent via email to the Managing Editor of the journal.

Article publication charges:

Asian Journal of Plant Science & Research is an Open Access publisher and the standard charge for publishing is 469 EURO payable on acceptance of each paper. However, a fee waiver may be possible in some circumstances. Please contact the editors for further information.