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Screening of Effective Botanical Extracts for the Control of Aloe vera Rust in Field Condition

Aloe vera is severely affected by rust disease at Wondo Genet Agricultural research center field experiment. The rust pathogen (Uromyces aloes) is responsible for severe infection as well as a very serious limiting factor to Aloe vera production. This causes in a qualitative and quantitative loss of Aloe vera gel. The present study was undertaken to screen effective botanical extracts for the control of rust on Aloe vera plant. Botanical extracts such as Datura stramonium, Maesa lanceolate, Milletia ferruginea, and Lemon grass were investigated in field conditions based on the recommended rate. The fungicide Progress 250 EC was used as a standard check and untreated plots were used as control check. The experiment was arranged in randomized complete block design with three replications. The botanicals extracts were sprayed at 20% concentration on to diseased plants at 15 day interval for five rounds. Data was recorded on disease severity, disease control, plant height, branch number, fresh leaf weight, and gel weight were recorded. Among the treatments, Lemongrass (DC=70.29%), was the most effective botanicals followed by Progress 250 EC (DC=61.06%) fungicide against Aloe vera rust in field condition. Further study should test lemongrass at different concentrations and provide botanical products for Aloe vera rust management.

Author(s): Banchiamlak Nigussie, Mihiret Mekonnen, Temesgen Gizaw

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