Prevalence of Voice Disorders in Primary Level School Teachers of Nepal: A Pilot Study

It is said that the human voice is the most perfect instrument of all. So if misused disorder is inevitable. Professional speech users of teachers are shown to be at an unusually elevated risk of experiencing speech disorders owing to tension inherent in their profession and environmental factors in which they work. The school
education system in Nepal consists of primary, lower secondary and higher secondary education. Starting from Grade one the primary schools offer five years of education and it has the highest number of teachers. Hence, our endeavor is to determine the prevalence of voice disorders in primary level school teachers and aetiological factors
associated with it. Though it is only a pilot study of its kind in Nepal, it may be used as a reference for further research which will be beneficial in formulating guidelines for proper planning and programming to prevent voice disorder in teachers of developing countries in general and Nepal in particular.

Author(s): Bedajit RK, Bibek G and Meenakshi B

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