New recording system for determining necrosis, stage and prognosis of alcohol induced acute necrotizing pancreatitis

According to the study by Russian researchers, the acute pancreatitis (AP) is the third common surgical diseases of the abdomen and 12, 5% among all abdominal disease. The incidence of acute necrotizing pancreatitis has been stabilizing in recent years. Researcher study reviewed the most common cause of acute pancreatitis remain alcohol and mortality rates remaining 15.3% in Mongolia. Mortality rates in the event of acute pancreatitis caused by complication which is the pancreatic necrosis, intoxication, hemorrhage and multiple organ failure.

Author(s): Erdenebold D , Baasanjav N , Puntsag Ch , Ganbaatar M , Altankhuyag S, Sergelen O  and Bayarmaa N

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