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Improvement in Yield and Yield Parameters of Sweet Sorghum Cultivars after Boron Treatment

Yield contributing characters are directly related with economic yield of the plant. It attributes viz. panicle length, weight of grains; biological index, harvest index etc. are combining useful characters for determination of yield potential of sweet Sorghum. Yield is the ultimate reflection of the various yield components as it is important and combined effect of various morphological, environmental, physiological and growth characters, which are showing differences in cultivars. Sweet Sorghum is a very important crop as a food, fodder, fuel and fertilizer. Boron is important micronutrient which plays role in pollen germination and pollen tube formation which leads to improve yield. In the present investigation the effect of different boron concentrations like 0 ppm (Control), 10 ppm, 50 ppm and 100 ppm on sweet Sorghum var. RSSV-9 and Madhura has been studied. The pot culture technique was used for this investigation. The objective was to identify the correct dose of boron to improve yield in sweet Sorghum which is a semi-arid crop. The data was collected after the full growth of plant. The results are showing that the lower doses of boron like 10 ppm and 50 ppm have positively influenced the yield parameters and yield components. Both the varieties show increased grains per panicle, weight of seeds, grain yield, biological yield and harvest index due to 50 ppm boron concentration.

Author(s): Sujeet S Jadhav, Bhamburdekar S B  

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