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Impacts of Different Vegetation Types on Soil Properties in Hubei, China

Studies on impact of vegetation types on soil Physico-chemical properties in two different types of farming fields in Hubei Providence, China were carried out in this study. Thirty soil samples were collected to represent tomato soybean and filed with no agricultural practices. Both top soil and subsoil samples were collected to further correlate the nutrient transport mechanisms and dynamics due to the vegetation types. We found that tomato field sites have strong dependence on the nitrate, ammonium, and phosphorous concentrations for top soils. There was no strong dependence of the soil nutrients examined in the soybean field sites. Results from our study suggest that not only the fertilizer types or application can impact the soil nutrient concentrations and dynamics but also the vegetation types on the top soils have strong impact on the soil chemical properties.

Author(s): Juyoung Ha

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