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Ethnomedicinal investigation on Primitive Tribal Groups of Eastern Ghats, Koyyuru Mandal, Visakhapatnam District, South India

The awareness of ethnomedicine is significant from the tribal inhabitants, but the information is limited owing to lack of scientific substantiation. The aim of the present study is to enumerate the ethnomedicinal information from PTGs (Primitive tribal groups) of Koyyuru Mandal, Visakhapatnam District, North Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India. Ethnomedicinal plant information has been collected through several field trips and also by means of personal interviews from local tribal people/doctors. Based on the conference from the local tribal doctors and through discussions with them, a total number of 74 ethnomedicinal plant species with 70 genera of 43 families used to treat a total number of 59 diseases were collected. A small number of plants were used as medicine directly and remaining plants are used in mix together with other plant species. The significant use of each ethnomedicinal plant was obtained in consideration of available information from the local tribal doctors. Most frequently the plant leaves were used for preparing ethnomedicine. It is evident that the collected ethnomedicinal plants have significant medicinal value for one or more diseases. Fewer plants were noticed intended for healing two or more therapeutic values.

Author(s): Chandravathi Dibba, Bodayya Padal Salugu and Prakasa Rao Jonnakuti

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