Efficacy of three arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth of Centella asiatica L. (Urban)

Effect of inoculation of three AM fungi on growth performance of Centella asiatica plant was evaluated. Three AM fungi namely, Glomus fasiculatum, Acaulospora foveata and Gigaspora margarita were used in the present study. The plantlets of Centella asiatica were grown in poly house condition with three replicates for each treatment and harvested at 80 days of growth. The result showed that, the number of leaves in Gi. margarita inoculated pots were increased when compared to other two AM fungi inoculated pots and control. The highest root length was observed in control and Gi. Margarita and highest shoot length was observed in G. fasciculatum compared to other treatments and control. Whereas, the highest fresh shoot weight was recorded in plants treated with A. foveata when compared within the treatments and control. Total dry weight biomass, mycorrhizal dependency and mycorrhizal inoculation effect was high in Gi. margarita inoculated plants compared to other two treatments and control. The results of present study indicated that both Gi. margarita and A. foveata may be considered as good growth promoter for better biomass yield in C. asiatica which is used as brain tonic, in the treatment of chronic diseases and mental disorders in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Author(s): Seema H Siddur and Rajkumar H Garampalli*

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