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Effectiveness of Canteen Waste Water Treatment Plant in Saint-Gobain Industry Kanjikode

The projects mainly focus to the effectiveness of canteen sewage treatment plant of ‘Saint-Gobain’ industry Kanjikode. Canteen waste water treatment is the process of removing contaminants from waste water. To reduce water consumption, waste water from the canteen are recycled through STP process and reused for gardening. Water is one of the abundantly available substances in nature. To assess the quality of influent and effluent water we collect samples from inlet and outlet and analyze the parameters such as BOD, pH, suspended solids and MLSS. By analyzing this, the parameters are within the desirable limit. So the working of waste water treatment plant is very efficient.

Author(s): Binumol M*, Prajeena P, Meenu K, Minu R, Shiji S and Sisira PS

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