Biodiversity of Weeds in Tehsil Zhob of Distric Zhob

The present study is based on research work carried out during September 2020 to April 2021 to explore the diversity of weeds, various weeds were of different species of the Tehsil zhob, Balochistan. During the study, on the basis of the area, ten different locations were randomly selected for collecting samples, Hassanzai, Islamyar Zhob, Mir Ali Khel, Murgha Kibzai, Nasirabad, Omza Viala, Sambazah, Shahbzai, Sheikhan, Sherani Bazar. From the various positions of Tehsil Zhob, total 38 species were collected. These plants were distributed as 38 genera and 23 families. 37 plants represented as Angiosperms and 1 was Pteridophytes. Out of 21 families, 35 were Dicots, 2 were monocot and 1 was Pteridophytes families. Out of these 21 families, the predominance shown by family Astraceae (6) species for different Forest management projects like taxonomic, ecological, ethnobotanical, phytochemical investigations, the inventory of a region provides a reference line. The inventory includes native, agriculture, horticulture and weed flora of a region. Plants are the major components of an ecosystem, that’s why they have great importance globally. Detailed floristic survey of the whole district and even any tehsil of the district are not reported so this research provides basic information about the weed flora of Tehsil Zhob.

Author(s): Sonia Kainat, Samreen Afzal

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