A Review on Phytochemical Properties of Commiphora wightii (Arn) Bhandari with Reference to Its Medicinal Use

Commiphora wightii is a medicinal plant belonging to the burseraceae family and well known for its healing properties. This plant has ancient records for its medicinal importance in our traditional ayurvedic system. Oleo resin extracted as raw material to further process of different phytochemical that used in different therapeutic purpose. Commiphora wightii contains large number of phytochemical steroids, guggultetrol, lignans, amino acid, flavanoid and terpenoids. It has endowed with enormous pharmacological values due to various types of guggulsterones. The therapeutic uses include curing ophthalmia, nervous disorder, leprosy, hypertension, ulcerative pharyngitis, skin diseases and urinary diseases. Due to high medicinal value it has been extremely exploited and consequently threatened on the verge of extinction in future. The plant possessed protection under conservative law and regulate by sustainable use for medicinal purpose.

Author(s): Pinky Katara*, JR Rot, SV Vala, MK Sujnan and SK Jha

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