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A Review on Cadmium Contamination in Soil and Bioaccumulation by Tobacco, its Source, Toxicity and Health Risk

Cadmium (Cd) can be regarded as hyperactive metal that is accumulated by tobacco plants from the soil and is associated with several health hazards posed to tobacco consumers, as well as affect environmental quality specifically soil heath. The present review emphasizes mechanisms of uptake and accumulation of cadmium from the soil by the tobacco plant, its sources, toxicity, and health hazards caused by it. As an overall outcome, the present study provides a significant idea of a soil-metal-tobacco relationship, which is a useful tool to provide information that leads to limited accumulation and consumption of Cd within the ecosystem. Besides, absorption of Cd from soil solution and its translocation from roots to upper shoots involved moving cadmium from the soil to tobacco plants. The absorption is driven by soil, environmental, and plant factors, while the translocation is enhanced by tobacco physiological function. Thereafter, researchers should focus on the efficiency of the tobacco plant in the phytoremediation of Cd polluted soil.

Author(s): Angelique Iradukunda, Dan Zhang, Ram Proshad, Philbert Mperejekumana

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