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  • Diana Passaro

    Research Associate, Department of Human normal and malignant hematopoietic stem cells and their microenvironment, The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK.

  • Dr Andriana Margariti

    Lecturer in Stem cells & Vascular Biology, Centre for Experimental Medicine, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

  • Dr Deepti Rana

    stem cells nanotechnologist at Centre for Stem Cell Research, Christian Medical College Campus, Vellore, India

  • Dr Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho

    Professor, field of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering with Stem Cells, UNESP (Paulista State University), Brazil

  • Dr Luigi Balducci

    Principal Investigator of Stem Cells Project, Medestea Research and Production Laboratories, Consorzio CARSO, Bari, Italy

  • Dr. Koorosh Shahpasand

    Assistant Professor and Head of Cognitive Neuroscience Center, Royan Institute for Stem Cells Biology and Technology, Tehran, Iran

  • Dr.Yazan Hussien Akkam

    Department of Molecular Biology and Program in Cells, University of Arkansas,USA

  • Tong Ming Liu

    Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore

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