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Mathematics can be a pure science that deals with numbers, quantities, structures and space or an applied science that is applied to understand other sciences like physics, chemistry or engineering. Physics is a natural science that deals with the study of Matter, including its composition, structure, and movement in the space detailing its energy, speed and time. From the time immemorial, the scholars of this planet have been studying the relationship between these two great natural sciences that have wider applications in this universe. Mathematics is an important tool to understand the basic principles of Physics and physics served as a great source of inspiration for the further advancements in the field of mathematics.

Mathematics can be considered as a natural language or the language of nature and hence came into being the adage ‘Numbers rule the world’. Great mathematicians like ‘Pythagoras’, Aristotle, Galileo, Archimedes, Isaac Newton, Aryabatta, Varaha Mihira and a plethora of scientists have proved that their scientific revelations related to mater, its properties and principles are deep rooted in numbers and are written the language nothing but mathematics. Hence, both Math and Physics are inseparable and each one contributes to the advancement of the other. These revelations helped in understanding the broader as well minute aspects of the principles of the nature, the universe, and the other planetary system.

Recent Articles

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Karna Venkata Ramana, Janifer Raj Xavier and Rakesh Kumar Sharma

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Rajib Sarkar, Anirban Bhaduri, Susmita Bhaduri and Dipak Ghosh

Candidate Molecule Selection Based on In Silico Predicted ADMET Properties of 12 Indenoindole Derivatives


Nathalie Guragossian, Gustavo Jabor Gozzi, Bruno Fouillet, Marie-Paule Gustin, Raphaël Terreux, Zouhair Bouaziz, Christelle Marminon, Joachim Jose, Attilio Di Pietro, Markku Pasanen and Marc Le Borgne