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Prof Dr. Ertugrul Aydemir

Prof Dr. Ertugrul Aydemir
Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medicine Faculty, Department of Dermatology, Istanbul, Turkey
He is awarded Doctorate in Dermatology from Istanbul University, Turkey. He holds a Master?s Degree in Dermatology from Istanbul University, Turkey, followed with a Bachelor?s Degree (BSc) in Dermatology from Istanbul University, Turkey in 1966. Currently, he is working as a Professor for Istanbul University, Turkey (University/Institute). His international experience includes various programs, contributions and participation in different countries in diversified fields of study. His research interests as a Professor reflect in his a wide range of publications in various national and international journals. He is the member of various associations like Skin and Venereal Diseases Association, Turkish Society of Dermatology, EADV is a member of the association at the International Society of Dermatology. Skin and Venereal Diseases of the Association for many years.

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