Masami Ishido

Masami Ishido
Masami Ishido Senior Researcher, Environmental Risk Res Programme National Institute for Environmental Studies Tsukuba, Japan
Masami Ishido is a Senior Researcher, Environmental Risk Res Programme, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Japan
Research Interest
Evolution of molecular biology directs my research carrier to investigate the mechanism of homeostasis. Emission of chemicals to environment is global.?The most important fact from health studies of environmental chemicals is that impacts on health might inherit to the next generation, through epigenetics. Epigenetics provides molecular mechanisms for the environment to directly alter phenotypic variation and its subsequent inheritance.?Epigenetics should be considered as environmental pressure for the origins of genotypic variation and rapid evolutionary phenomenon as well as classical genomics, which would open the way to be explained. Epigenetic modification would increase the frequency of potentially inheritable mutations. Thus, to extend the research field that I have chosen so far will be fruitful from standing on the point of Evolutionary Developmental Biology, integrating Environmental Sciences and Life Sciences.