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Mario E. Rodriguez-Garcia

Mario E. Rodriguez-Garcia Mario E. Rodriguez-Garcia
Ph.D, Physicochemical Food Lab, Nanotechnology Department, Center for Applied Physics and Advanced Technology Universdiad Nacioanl Autonoma de Mexico
Mario E. Rodriguez-Garcia carried out his Ph.D. research on the structural, optical, vibrational and morphological properties of bio material, and semiconductors at Physics Department of Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico. He graduated in 1995 and, after a postdoctoral position at Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, University of Toronto; he was an associate researcher in the same department until 2001. He is a permanent researcher at the Nanotechnology Department, Centro de Fisica Aplicada y Tecnologia Avanzada, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in Juriquilla Campus Juriquilla. He is studying physicochemical properties of Food, starch. Bio hydroxyapatite, pasting properties of starches, and nixtamalization of cereals.
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