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Maria Schirone

Maria Schirone
Aggregate Professor, Faculty of BioScience and Technology for Food, Agriculture and Environment of the University of Teramo, Italy
Maria is an Aggregate Professor (S.S.D. 07/H2 Veterinary pathology and inspection of foods of animal origin) at the Faculty of Bioscience and Agro-Food and Environmental Technology (University of Teramo). She received the title of Ph.D. in ?Biotechnology of Foods? at University of Basilicata. At University of Teramo, she is a member of the Faculty Joint Commission, and member of the teaching body for the Ph.D. course in Food Science. Her research interests include: food safety with a particular attention to biological/chemical residues in food and beverages (biogenic amines, marine biotoxins, mycotoxins), physiological characterization and molecular typing of microbial ecosystems on their involvement in fermented food production and preservation and on their identification in foods. Several researches have been conducted on the evaluation of the health standards of process and/or product, regarding some important food chains (e.g. dairy products, meat products and fishery products). She is author or co-author of about 140 articles, about 50 of which were published in international peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, proceedings of national and international congresses. Also she is a referee for numerous international journals. She participates as a speaker at Italian and International Conventions. She is also member of the Research panel of the Italian Society for the Agro-Food and Environmental Microbiology (SIMTREA).
Research Interest
Dairy products, food quality, Food, Agriculture