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Karol Krajewski

Karol Krajewski Karol Krajewski
Ph.D, State College of Easterneurope in Przemysl, Poland
Doctor of science, of Food Technology Science (1987), university teacher, journalist and editor-in-chief of scientific journals in Poland :?Food Industry?(1990-1995), ?Dairy Forum? (2003-2006), at present ?Annals of the Dairy Institute?. Also active expert and adviser in the area of research and practical experience in marketing and food technology. Graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw (SGGW), researcher and teacher at Faculty of Food Technology and Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Science. Present lecturer at the faculty safety and food production at the State College of Easterneurope in Przemy?l. Interests and application focus in the area of food technology and nutrition, food market organization, food product management. Recent studies are for losses and wastage food products in food chains. He has published over 300 articles and research on the functioning of the food technology and nutrition, food market and products management, and 150 articles popularizing knowledge of food.
Research Interest
Food Technology, nutrition, food market, products managemen