Jaime A Pineda

Jaime A Pineda
Department of Cognitive Science, University of California, USA
Jaime A Pineda, Ph.D. is Professor of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego. His current academic interests include the neuroetiology of autism, the role of mirror neurons in social cognition, neuronal plasticity, and brain-computer interfaces. He has served on a number of NIH committees and as reviewer for several scholarly journals. He is the author of over 100 articles, books, and reviews on the interaction between brain and mind. In his research, Dr. Pineda uses brain imaging techniques, as well as behavioral, psychological and pharmacological methods to understand normal and abnormal cognition. He has published many widely-cited papers in animal and human cognitive and systems neuroscience. Dr. Pineda is also scientific co-founder of Otosound, a biomedical therapeutics company involved in the treatment of tinnitus, and an active advisor for a number of neurotechnology companies.
Research Interest
The  integration  of  anatomical,  electrophysiological,  pharmacological,  and  behavioral  approaches  to  the  study  of  cognition   The  role  of  monoamines  in  behavioral  arousal,  orienting,  and  attention   Neural  mechanisms  of  endogenous  event-­related  potentials   Neural  etiology  of  autism,  schizophrenia,  depression,  PTSD,  tinnitus   Mu  rhythms,  mirror  neurons,  and  social  cognition   Brain machine  interfaces  (BCIs)  and  neurorehabilitation   Neurofeedback  and  biofeedback  

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