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Dr. Yasuo Iwasaki

Dr. Yasuo Iwasaki
Chairman and Professor, Department of Neurology, Omori Hospital and Toho University, Japan
Graduated from Toho University Medical School at Tokyo in Japan on March 31th 1978 Passed the Japanese National Board Medical Examination on May 1978 Worked research fellow in Department of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston under Dr.Appel in USA between October 1984 and October 1986 Assistant professor of Neurology, Toho University Ohashi Hospital from April 1991 and associate professor of Neurology, Toho University Ohashi Hospital on April 1997 and became Professor and Chairman in Department of Neurology Toho University Omori Hospital from April 2005 and present time. I have published more than 200 English papers. Members and council of society is as follows Fellow Member of American Academy of Neurology Active Member of American Society of Neuro imaging World Federation of Neurology, Research Group of ALS/MND Member of Neuro rehabilitation in World Federation of Neurology Editorial Board in J Cell Sci Council member of Japanese Society of Neurology Council member of Japanese Society of Neurotherapeutics Council member of International Association of Neurorestoratology Council member of Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration Council member of Global College of Neuroprotection and Neurodegeneration

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