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Dr. Salah Akkal

Dr. Salah Akkal
Department of chemistry, University of Constantine, Algeria
Research Interest
Phytochemistry, i.e. isolation and identification of secondary metabolites from medicinal and aromatic plants [Sesquiterpene lactones, iridoids, diterpenoids, flavonoids, phenylethanoid glycosides, monoterpene glucosides, phenolic glycosides, phloroglucinols, essential oils etc] from Apiaceae and asteraceae. Spectroscopy, highfield NMR, 1D & 2D: COSY, HSQC, HMBC, ROESY, NOESY, TOCSY etc, Mass Spectroscopy etc.  Analytical techniques: HPLC, MPLC , VLC, CC, TLC.Biological activity of secondary metabolites of medicinal plants, especially antibacterial and antifungal activities, antioxidant activity, cytotoxic/cytostatic activity. Environmental research and chemical ecology

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