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Dr. Leila Salomão de La Plata Cury Tardivo

Dr. Leila Salomo de La Plata Cury Tardivo Dr. Leila Salomão de La Plata Cury Tardivo
Professor at Psychology Institute of the University of São Paulo, Brazil.
Degree in Psychology (1977), Master (1984), PhD in Clinical Psychology (1992) and PhD in Psychopathology (2004) all - at University of São Paulo. Responsible for International Accord Academic with Latin American and European countries (Portugal and Spain). Chairman of Culture and Extension Committee University of the Psychology Institute of USP. Professor at Psychology Institute of the University of São Paulo and Guidance Masters, Doctorate and Post Doctorate. Chairman of the Mental Health Laboratory and Psychology Social of IPUSP (HOLDING ). Researcher of the Iberoamerican Observatory of Health and Citizenship and Associate member of CINTESIS. - Center for Research in Health Technologies and Information Systems, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto Portugal. Publications: Articles in national and international journals and books and book chapters . Experience in Psychology with - emphasis in Clinical Psychology, Clinical social (violence against children), Psychodiagnostic, Projective Techniques, Psychopathology, Mental Health, Children and Adolescents.
Research Interest
Mental Health, Psychodiagnostic, Children and Adolescents, Psychopathology, Child abuse and Violence, Social and Family Conditions.

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