Dr. Kitt Mia Falk Petersen

Dr. Kitt Mia Falk Petersen
Professor of Internal Medicine, Section of Endocrinology, Yale University School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Kitt Mia Falk Petersen did her BS (Math/Physics) from Nathalie Zahle?s Gymnasium Copenhagen (1978).Later, she completed her MD from University of Copenhagen (1985).
Research Interest
The goal of our research is to investigate the mechanism of and relationship between insulin resistance (IR) and lipid accumulation in liver and muscle and the relation to diabetes. We are using novel 1H/13C/31P MRS techniques and developing novel MRI techniques to directly measure volumes of whole body muscle mass and visceral fat for the first time in humans. I have been conducting clinical research studies in the area of liver metabolism, insulin sensitivity, T2DM, lipodystrophy, obesity and weight loss at Yale University for more than 20 years. My expertise includes the OGTT, lipid metabolism, the insulin clamp, the use of stable isotopes, the IV and oral fat tolerance tests and 1H/31P/13C MRS and MRI to perform metabolic studies of glucose and lipid metabolism in humans. I thus have a broad background in metabolism and insulin sensitivity, and I have the expertise, leadership and motivation necessary to successfully train young faculty and future scientists.