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Dr. George Kolostoumpis

Dr. George Kolostoumpis Dr. George Kolostoumpis
Scientific Collaborator & Post Doctoral Fellow for Neurophysiology Lab Medical School, University of Cyprus, Cyprus.
As Scientific Collaborator-Post Doctoral Fellow, under Greta E. Wozniak, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor Adjunct of Medical Pharmacology - Coordinator of Neurophysiology Lab., Medical School, University of Cyprus, perform basic routine EEG recordings under supervision for a various neurophysiological tests, applied in different stages of neurodegenerative disease. We focus in the study of neuronal function in learning memory procedure, especially the impact on memory. In particular, the significant alteration in the origin of nervous communications mechanisms in physiological condition. The area of interest and investigation cover a neuronal function, learning and memory procedure. Our laboratory consists of Electroencephalography (EGG), Somatosensory evoked responses (SSEP), Visual evoked responses (VEPS). For the examination of spontaneous brain activity. Evoked potentials (EPs), to examinations of brain activity related to sensory stimulation.
Research Interest
Clinical Decision Support Systems, Hospital Information Systems, E-Health, m-Health, Electronic Health Record (EHRs), Medical Imaging and Communication Platforms (PACS, DICOM), Biostatistics, Big Data Analytics in Bioinformatics and healthcare.

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