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Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar
Devi Ahilya University, India
Anil Kumar obtained his masters and doctoral degrees in biochemistry from Lucknow University in 1973 and 1983, respectively. He worked as Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Biochemistry at the Lucknow University for about 08 years. In 1985, he joined Prof. Jack Preiss lab at the Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA. There, he worked on DNA sequencing and site directed mutagenesis. He is working as Professor & Head of the School of Biotechnology, Devi Ahilya University, Indore, India since June, 1991. He has published nearly 135 full length research papers in various International and National journals of high repute. He also guided more than 25 Ph.D. students. He also authored 10 books. His book on Molecular Biology is published by Horizon Scientific Press, UK and on genetic engineering by Nova Science Publishers, USA. A book on ?Enzymes & Enzyme Technology? has been published by MV Learning, London in 2015. In 2012, his book on Biochemical Tests has been published by Viva Books Pvt Ltd. He also authored number of chapters for many books including Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology & Molecular Medicine. He also presented his research work at number of International Conferences. He was invited to host & chair a symposium at the 4th World Congress of Cellular & Molecular Biology held at Poitiers, France in 2005. Although his lab is mainly Enzyme technology lab but his students work in many diversified areas. He also won number of awards. He also worked on many Administrative positions in the University. He also worked as Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University many times. He is founding member of the School of Biotechnology at the Devi Ahilya University. He hosted and organized 5th World Congress of Cellular & Molecular Biology (November 02-06, 2009) & was the Congress President. He is fellow of many Societies including World Society of Cellular & Molecular Biology, France where 21 Nobel Laureates are also the fellows. In 2012, his chapter on Regulation of Gene Expression has been published in Epigenetic Regulation and Epigenomics (a two volume series from Wiley VCH). In 2014, his updated chapter on Regulation of Gene Expression has been published in RNA Regulation (a two volume series from Wiley VCH) and again in Synthetic Biology-Advances in Molecular Biology and Medicine. in 2015 (a two volume series from Wiley VCH)

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