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Biochem Mol biol J

ISSN: 2471-8084

Volume 3, Issue 2

Metabolomics Conference 2017

August 29-30, 2017 Prague, Czech Republic



International Conference and Exhibition on

Metabolomics and Systems Biology


Page 26

Theodora Katsila et al., Biochem Mol biol J, 3:2

DOI: 10.21767/2471-8084-C1-002


pharmacogenomics in precision medicine

Theodora Katsila


George P Patrinos

University of Patras, Greece


nter-individual variability has been a major hurdle to

optimize disease management. Precision medicine holds

promise for improvinghealthandhealthcare via tailor-made

therapeutic strategies. Herein, we outline the paradigm

of pharmacometabolomics-guided pharmacogenomics.

We envisage merging pharmacometabolomic and

pharmacogenomic data (to address the interplay of

genomic and environmental influences) with information

technologies to facilitate data analysis as well as sense

and decision-making on the basis of synergy between

artificial and human intelligence. Humans can detect

patterns, which computer algorithms may fail to do so,

whereas data-intensive and cognitively complex settings

and processes limit human ability. We propose that

better-informed, rapid and cost-effective multi-omics

studies coupled to information technologies allow for data

reproducibility and robustness in genotype-to-phenotype



Theodora Katsila currently serves as a Senior Research Fellow and academic

scholar. Her research work focuses on “Spans pan-omics strategies coupled

to information technologies toward better-informed decision-making and

genotype-to-phenotype correlations”. Sharing both academic and industrial

research experience, she has a multidisciplinary expertise.

[email protected]