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To the Editor of Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research

Akhila Reddy Vellanki*

Department of Biotechnology, A.V College, Osmania University, Telangana, India

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Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

I'm forming this letter to impart my tendency towards the Journal, as I do follow the Journal and its updates for a long time.

In the progressing events, the whole world is being shaken with the pandemic of COVID-19, most of the action got rashly finished and various people are being obliged into destitution as a result of their action incident yet to uncommon awe the Journal is directing incredible to deftly the general populace with required proportion of information concerning the new updates in the field and it moreover is apparently embracing up to the situation very well.

We could find it's empowering by the advantageous appearance of issues and huge updates at these vital events, for example, this I genuinely esteem your undertakings, troublesome work, and affirmation in giving new and legitimate information to open.

Journal of Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research is a good and prestigious Journal we expect it will improve in the cutting-edge issues with a not too bad number of articles being appropriated in each issue. We believe all the disaster area made far and wide as a result of the pandemic situation gets settled soon and could be finding impressively additionally entrancing updates from one of the world's best Journal.

Thankful to you for your time and thought

Yours Sincerely

Akhila Anji Reddy. V

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