Fisheries & Aquaculture Engineer recently graduated from Hassan-II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute (IAV Hassan-II)

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The Hassan-II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute (IAV Hassan-II) is created in 1966. It is a higher education and research institution and considered as a leading institution in the natural sciences. It ensures three fundamental integrated missions: training, research and development. Since its creation, it has grown institutionally and has expanded its national, regional and international influence. It has become a polytechnic center of multidisciplinary expertise, providing initial and continuing training for specialists in Life and Earth sciences and Technologies (engineers, veterinarians, etc.) to meet the need for high-level professionals. The IAV Hassan-II currently includes six training courses and several options: Agronomy (Engineering of Economic and Social Development, Engineering of Animal Productions, Management of Plant Productions and Environment, Genetics and Production of Seeds and Plants, Management of Soil and Water Resources and Ecology and Management of Natural Ecosystems); Rural Engineering; Agri-food Industries; Geomatic Sciences and Topographic Engineering; Fisheries and Aquaculture Engineering and Veterinary Medicine. Since 1975, in order to adapt to the numerous changes that characterize the fisheries and aquaculture environment locally and internationally, the IAV Hassan II had adapted its training curriculum in adequacy with the new priorities of the country (Halieutis Strategy), by upgrading the fisheries & aquaculture training from a simple option, within the Department of Production and Animal Biotechnologies Engineering, to a full-fledged Field, spread over three years of specialization. This training allows the graduates to acquire knowledge and skills to provide the marine and continental fisheries and aquaculture sector with professionals of high-level skills.

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