Does fever increase or decrease blood circulation? A case study

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This is the first time many people have heard such a question.

When it comes to treating back pain, neck pain, and knee pain, it is often heard that the cause of the pain is reduced blood flow. A variety of heat-inducing devices are used to increase blood flow to the lower back, neck, and knee pains. Physiotherapy often provides more heat than fever.

To this day, no one has heard that fever is caused by poor blood flow.


As the disease progresses, blood flow decreases. Body tingling, body aches, and narrowing of the blood vessels under the skin are the signs, symptoms, and signals of decreased blood flow. Signs, symptoms, and signals of decreased blood flow show before the onset of fever.

When the disease becomes a threat to life or organs blood circulation decreases, Temperature of fever will emerge to increase prevailing blood circulation

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