5th International Conference on Plant Science and Physiology August 09-10, 2021 Webinar Investigating Emerging Innovations in Plant Science and Physiology

Amira Evans*

Managing Editor, Journal of Plant Science and Agriculture Research, United Kingdom

*Corresponding Author:
Amira Evans
Journal of Plant Science and Agriculture Research, United Kingdom
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: July 19, 2021; Accepted Date: July 26, 2021; Published Date: July 30, 2021

Citation: Evans A (2021) 5th International Conference on Plant Science and Physiology August 09-10, 2021 Webinar Investigating Emerging Innovations in Plant Science and Physiology. J Plant Sci Agri Res Vol.5 No.4:57

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About Conference

TThe Plant Physiology 2021, theme has broad interests, which address many aspects of Plant Biology, Plant Science, Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology, and Plant Pathology. Research in the theme includes looking at plant resistance to parasites and pathogens, studying molecular and physiological adaptations to biotic and abiotic stress, identifying signalling mechanisms in plant responses to disease and using RNA silencing as an antiviral mechanism.

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

The Study of plant morphology, improvement, and increase in living plants and besides stressed over the plant morphology and some crucial method, for instance, photosynthesis, breath, plant sustenance, plant chemical capacities, tropisms, nastic advancements, photo morphogenesis, regular physiology (plant ailments), seed germination, slowness and stomata limit and happening, plant water relations. Plant organic chemistry is identified with atomic science, for example, macromolecules and plant digestion systems, biomolecules, starches, amino corrosive, lipids.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management activities seek to increase agricultural productivity through adoption of practices that maintain the long term ecological and biological integrity of natural resources. Activities in this sub-sector cut across the rural, social and environmental issues of natural resource management to sustain significant increases in farm productivity through the efficient use of land and other resources. The goal is to provide better economic returns to individuals and contribute to the quality of life and economic development.

Agriculture in Japan

Japan had the world's third-largest economy with a total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US $4.1 trillion in 2015. The real GDP growth was 0.4% in 2015, a rate that is anticipated to increase to 0.9% throughout 2016. Japan has a large middle class and one of the oldest populations in the world. Individuals aged 65 and over are the largest demographic, representing over 26.7% of the total Japanese population in 2015. An aging population can pose challenges to the market, especially as these older consumers increase in number and their dietary requirements change. Furthermore, older generations require more innovative products, such as easy-to-use packaging or smaller portions.

Market Analysis

Conference series LLC LTD gives a good opportunity and invites global participants of Plant Researchers to the Plant Science and Physiology Conference in Osaka, Japan this year 2021. The event will mainly focus on the Modern exploration of techniques in Plant Science and Physiology research and provide deep knowledge on how plants sense, process, integrate and store information related to environmental challenges. It is a Global platform that combines different domains, will stimulate the exchange of ideas and enable participants to grasp the modern exploration techniques and ideas in different areas of Plant science and Physiology research. The event includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations Young Research Forum and Exhibitions.

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