The effect of gym and zikr towards reduction blood pressure among elderly in suburban Malang city, Indonesia

Health problems that occur in the elderly are generally decreasing organ function, which triggers various degenerative diseases, including hypertension. Neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly if not appropriately treated, will reduce the quality of life of the elderly. Hypertension is a symptom of degenerative cardiovascular disease that is most commonly experienced by the elderly and cannot be known with certainty the cause. Management of hypertension in the elderly in addition to pharmacology can also be done with non-pharmacology such as hypertension gymnastics and zikr. This study aims to determine the effect of gymnastics and zikr on the reduction of elderly blood pressure with hypertension in the Urban District of Malang. This research is a quantitative study with pre-experiment design One Group Pre-test-post-test design. Data collection using mercury sphygmomanometer, while data analysis using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test. The results of this study were blood pressure before the intervention were mostly pre-hypertension (39%), blood pressure after the invasion of hypertension mainly was normal (56%). And the effect of hypertension gymnastics and zikr on elderly blood pressure in Urban Malang (p-values = 0.001).

Author(s): Amalia Tri Utami, Andi Anis Raffi Assegaf, Firdaus Silahudin, M. Nur Faizin, Yuwan Ihzudin

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