Studying the Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Bovine Offal's Infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis Bovine Type

The presence of microbial pathogens on human foods is a serious global Problem even in highly industrialized and developed countries. The awareness of foodborne diseases by consumers will increase, and therefore, there is a pressure to improve the safety of the food supply. Gamma ray is highly effective in inactivating microorganisms in various foods and offers a safe alternative method of food decontamination. In the present study, a total of 35 samples from T.B. infected carcasses 15 samples of offal's ((7) liver and (8) Kidney) and 15 samples from different lymph nodes ((10) Hepatic and (5) Renal)) were collected from some governmental Egyptian abattoirs confirmed to be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis bovine type by Real Time PCR were experimental treated with 0.0, 2.5, 5 and 7.5 kGy of gamma rays then, reexamined using RT-PCR for Mycobacterium tuberculosis bovine type infection. The results indicated that the reduction rate is decreased by increase the dose level of Gamma rays. At 0.0 kGy all samples still 100% infected and 46.6% still infected at 2.5 kGy and 20% still infected at 5 kGy and, At 7.5% all examined samples are failed to be detected of T.B. Infected offal's. Moreover, the examined samples of T.B. Infected lymph nodes showed that at 0 kGy all samples still 100% infected and 53.3% still infected at 2.5 kGy and 13.3% still infected at 5 kGy and, at 7.5% all examined samples are free from mycobacterium infection. The effect on (Color and Odor and Texture) parameter after exposure to Gamma rays on T.B. infected samples proved that most of tested samples have slight changes in color (pale color), odor (characteristic odor of irradiation) and texture (friable) in the first 24 hours and all tested samples have been returned back into the normal parameter after 1 week. The results of the present study showed that it's advisable to use the Gamma irradiation for saving a huge amount of condemned meat due to T.B infected cattle carcasses and using it as low grade meat.

Author(s): Shaltout FA, Riad EM, TES Ahmed and AbouElhassan Asmaa A

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