Statistical Analysis of Mobile Radiation and Impact on Health: A Case Study on Occurrence of Brain Tumors

To analyze whether mobile phone radiation is one of the source for brain tumor. This study is carried out by odd ratios.

The mobile radiation seems to be severe among children than the adults because their skulls are tiny and thinner. Mobile phones emit radiations and RF-EMF is considered as a Group 2B (carcinogen) and the survey suggests that 10-year latency period is practically enough for the development of tumors. The studies from various groups involve cases of 35487 and controls about 82609. The results for meta- analysis of glioma gave an odd ratio OR=1.10, 95% CI=0.79-1.54 and for the latency period ≥ 10 years, OR=1.38, 95% CI=0.70-2.73. The highest risk was found in the age group below 20 years from the Hardell Group.

Author(s): Prisilla Jayanthi and Iyyanki V Murali Krishna

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