Aim and Scope

Journal of Healthcare and Hygiene is a peer reviewed journal that explores the publication of research developments in the field of healthcare and its system. The journal strives for wide discussion of recent scientific developments in the fields of Population health, Oral hygiene, Mother and child health, Disease Surveillance, Public health, Antimicrobial resistance, Infections prevention and control, Disinfection, Decontamination, Communicable diseases, Clinical informatics, Chronic disease, Global health, Health policy implication, Medical safety, Tropical diseases, Hand hygiene, Nosocomial infections and Design of healthcare premises.

 Highlighted topics are:

•    Acute/Critical Care

•    Advanced Practice Nursing

•    Cognitive Informatics

•     Community Health Nursing

•     Confidentiality and Data Security

•     Critical Care Management

•     Clinical Nursing

•     Family Health Care

•     Gastroenterology Nursing

•     Geriatric Nursing

•     Gerontological nursing

•     Global Standards for initial Education of Professional Nurses

•     Holistic Nursing

•     Healthcare Management

•     Information Technology in Nursing

•     Innovations in Patient Care

•     Importance and Scope of Nursing Education

•     Midwifery Nursing

•     Mental Health Nursing

•     Maternity and Women health Nursing

•     Medical Surgical Nursing

•     Multi-Professional Practice

•     Nephro-Urology Nursing

•     Neuro-nursing

•     Neurosciences Nursing

•     Nursing Ethics

•     Nursing and about Pain Management

•     Oncology Nursing

•     Palliative care Nursing

•     Pediatric Nursing

•     Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases

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