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Nutrition and Temperature Regulate the Expression of Heart-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein Gene in Golden Pompano Larvae (Trachinotus ovata, Limmaeus, 1758)

This study examined the regulation of nutrition and temperature on the expression of heart-type Fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP) gene in golden pompano to understand importance of protein development in fish larvae. Firstly, H-FABPs expression during ontogeny of larvae in the first 18 days after hatching was tested, and then the responses of H-FABPs to temperature (23, 26 and 29°C) on 12-days post hatching (DPH) and 18 DPH were compared. On 18 DPH, the response of H-FABPs to the manipulation of nutrients was evaluated. The expression of H-FABPs increased after transition to endogenous feeding, and was significantly affected by temperature. The expression of H-FABP at 23 and 26°C was higher than at 29°C on 12 DPH, and the expression of H-FABP at 29°C was higher than at other temperatures on 18 DPH, suggesting that H-FABP expression is determined by both temperature and fish age.

Author(s): Laetitia Allais1-3#, Mingjun Fu4#, Jing Hu1,2, Shengjie Zhou1,2, Maoshang Lin1, Jian G Qin3 and Zhenhua Ma1-3*

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